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Step 2: Choosing a Clan

There are seven major clans in Alfheim, please select one of them:

Chossum – This is the most mercantile of the elven clans. Characters who are likely to want to work with buying and selling goods generally come from this clan. The clan is very progressive and interested in contact with the other nations of the world.

Erendyl – This is the artisan clan – a piece of clothing or ornamentation from the Erendyls is worth more than a similar piece from another clan. Characters who are crafts oriented should come from this clan, which is also the clan of the current King of Alfheim.

Feadiel – These are elven over-achievers. They abandoned their previous homeland, the Sylvan Realm, when it was being invaded, and tend to over-react to prove their bravery. A disproportionate number of elven wanderers come from this clan whose Treekeepers are considered the best in Alfheim.

Grunalf – While all Alfheim elves are foresters, this clan is the greatest of all the forester clans – the finest trackers and hunters come from this clan.

Long Runner – This is one of the most isolationist of the clans. It is also one of the best nurturers of magic in the nation. Members of this clan are the best wizards in Alfheim.

Mealidil – The clan of Mealidil is steeped in the past of Alfheim. Their progenitor brought the elves to Alfheim, and they want to keep the world just as it was in his day. They have the finest library in Alfheim, and probably the finest on the continent although they are disinclined to allow use by non-elves.

Red Arrow – The Red Arrows are the finest warriors in Alfheim. Combat oriented elves from Alfheim are probably Red Arrows.

Lesser clans – There are many lesser clans scattered throughout Alfheim. They rarely number more than a hundred elves, nor do they have their own Tree of Life, so they owe an allegiance to another clan to gain the blessings of that clan's Tree. To play a character of one of these lesser clans, consult your DM.

Character Class

Elves in Mystara developed their first civilization upon their skills with magic and combat. Elves learn magic easily and all elves know at least some magic. As a result, nearly all elves on Mystara are multi-class fighters and magic-users. Some clans place more emphasis on spellcraft (such as the Longrunner clan), and others place more emphasis on martial training (Red Arrow).

Additionally, when Illsundal became an Immortal, he was able to grant clerical magic to elves who followed his way. Yet, instead of creating a separate class, he used his power to expand upon the native elven magic skills of those who followed his way. His priests are both magic users and clerics and are known as Treekeepers. For more info on playing the specialty Treekeeper class, also consult your DM.

Congratulations, you have now successfully created a Mystaran character!
For further development of this character, consult your Dungeon Master.