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Step 3: Choosing a Class

Most halflings in Mystara are rogues or fighters. A select few halflings are of the class of Master (the halfling equivalent to the cleric class) – to play a halfling Master, it is recommended that you consult your DM for more information.



Note: Halflings in Mystara are not generally spellcasters, as they seem to have neither the discipline nor the innate talent for it. To play a halfling spellcaster in the Mystara setting, consult your DM.

Additionally, class names in this generator have been simplified to accommodate various versions of D&D rules. The general class name "fighter" refers to all related classes, sub-classes, kits and prestige classes of fighters (i.e. ranger, paladin, barbarian, etc.) "Magic-users" refers to all arcane spellcasters (wizards, sorcerors, etc.) "Cleric" refers to all classes that emphasize divine spellcasting (priests, druids, monks, etc.) "Thief" refers to thieves/rogues and other related classes such as assassin, bard, etc.

When appropriate for a particular area of Mystara, more specific classes (i.e. paladin, merchant, druid, etc.) may be listed with further details available for classes in that nation of origin. For example, barbarians are a common class born to the Northern Reaches, and, therefore, details on barbarians in Northern Reaches are provided.

If a particular character class for the region is not listed, it is probable that the class is uncommon for that region, or that the background necessary for playing such a class is beyond the scope of this character generator. Consult you dungeon master for further information on playing the desired class.