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Race: Half Orc

Although orcs are considered to be monsters by the average citizen of Darokin and are normally attacked on sight, the society has found itself with a very few citizens who are of mixed human and orc blood. Just as those of mixed human and elvish stock tend to favor one of their parents much more strongly than the other, so too do these "half-orcs".

Those children that resemble their orc parent will likely be treated as if they are severely deformed. Children who take after their human parent wmay find a place in society. As a rule, they are employed as manual laboreres (many are indentured), and are at the very bottom of the Darokin social ladder as members of the copper class. They are not trusted, constantly watched when in public, and generally abused by anyone who thinks they can get away with it. It's not a particularly fulfilling life, true, but given the history of Darokin's relationship with the orcish race, the humans' reaction is understandable.

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