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Class: Rogue

One would think that with Darokin's reputation as a wealthy nation, that it would attract all manner of thieves and rogues to its borders to steal from its rich population. Surprisingly then, there is no thieves' guild anywhere in the Republic. The merchants of Darokin are a formidable force and have managed to keep out organized crime rings such as those that exist in their neighbor, the Grand Duchy of Karameikos. This does not mean that thieves and rogues do not exist in Darokin. There is plenty of room in Darokin for those who would cheat and steal their way to fame and fortune. Darokinian thieves are not pickpockets and robbers, but rather con men and sly decievers. They do not form large, infamous organizations, but rather keep their affairs away from the eyes of the public and the government. Punishment is harsh in the Republic, and for a thief to be successful he must rely on his wit rather than brute force and intimidation.

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