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Race: Human

Humans make up the vast majority of the population of Darokin, although they have made ample room for most types of non-humans to make significant contributions to nearly all aspects of society.

The Republic of Darokin has a remarkably open society, where even members of the copper class (laborers, street urchins, vagrants, etc.) do not grumble too much, because even for them, society holds the potential for rapid advancement and quick wealth. Members of the upper classes of society do not overtly flaunt their wealth with expensive, flashy personal items which are considered in bad taste, and prefer simple, understated elegance. Additionally, Darokin's wealthy are also known for employing large numbers of servants. A typical retinue accompanying a wealthy merchant could include 10 employees and 2 carriages.

The attitude of most humans in Darokin is one of self-reliance and ambition.

Naming your character

Darokinian names are similar to RW English or Medieval European names such as(male) Corwyn, Derek, Bradford, Quint, Millington and Brandifirth or (female) Ruthera, Elizabeth, Andra, Dorothea and Vanessa.

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