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Class: Magic-User

Magic plays a small part in the daily lives of nearly all Darokinian residents. The Magic-User's Guild is one of the most powerful on the continent, and they do a great deal of business both inside and outside Darokin. Typical transactions include porting out magic items made in the country, and porting in spell components, rare artifacts, and magical creatures for experimentation and research.

Darokinians have a healthy respect for magic-users, as well as a strange fascination for magical items. While such work is beneath most powerful mages, many low-level magic-users make a comfortable living in Darokin creating small magical "gadgets", household and personal objects that are useful in a novel way. Typical gadgets include shoes and belts that buckle and unbuckle themselves on verbal command, firestarters for stoves and hearths, mixing bowls that mix themselves, and so on. More powerful magic-users tend to be more ambitious, creating mighty items, researching strong new spells, and making their services available to the general public and businesses of Darokin for a fee.

The merchants of Darokin make great use of wizards, but only within certain unwritten guidelines. For example, it is common for magic-users to ride with large trading caravans, lend magical support to the guards' efforts, helping with repairs, and anything else that may be required. Magic-users are also extensively used to check the authenticity of rare items and to guard against illusions, charms and other magical influnces.

The use of magic to unfairly influence a business transaction is, according to Darokin law, "theft by deception". It is very difficult to prove, however, and usually break down in court as one wizard's word against another's. Most merchants depend instead on the power of their own wizard's defensive spells to protect them, as well as the social stigma involved. If it ever becomes widely believed that a particular merchant uses magic to influence his business, many will stop doing business withtthat merchant. While very competitive, most Darokin merchants have a strong sense of fair play anyway; most would rather lose a fair fight than win by unfair advantage (though few would come right out and say that).

Out in the untamed, open areas of Darokin, away from civilization and the continual bustle of business, a number of magic-users pursue the art for its own sake, simply trying to learn more about the nature of magic and to become more adept at its practice. There are many fearsome wizards, it is rumored, in remote towers, surrounded by powerful magical creatures and traps, with huge magical treasures. How many of thesee rumors are true is anyone's guess.

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