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Class: Cleric

Please note: Cleirics are very rare among the Dwarves, so a player should first consult his/her dungeon master before playing one.

Dwarven clerics are very private about their clerical studies and their philosophies regarding Kagyar and the other immortals. Under only the rarest and most dire circumstances would a dwarven cleric reveal his powers to a non-dwarf. For instance, a dwarf-cleric would only use healing magic on a non-dwarf if the other were a close friend of if the survival of the party depended on it.

Dwarf-clerics can learn the same spells as other clerics and use them in the same manner. However, Kagyar, their immortal patron, is a creator, and therefore does not approve of destructive spells, particularly the reversed versions of clerical spells. Also, dwarf-clerics may only raise other dwarves with the raise dead spells.

Dwarf-clerics do not have the clerical power of turning the undead. Kagyar found it was too difficult to create a race which was resistant to magic but could still wield clerical magic.

Dwarf-clerics are supposed to be exemplary leaders of dwarvenkind, and therefore only use axes and warhammers in battle.

Congratulations, you have now successfully created a Mystaran character!
For further development of this character, consult your Dungeon Master.