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Race: Gnome

The largest gnomish community, called Highforge, is in the mountain foothills several miles east of the town of Threshold. It's a large and secluded community composed of gnomes (and the Dwarves of the Stronghollow clan). The gnomes are well-disposed towards the duke, and approve of the greatly improved trade that the immigrating Thyatians have brought to Highforge.

Gnomes in Mystara behave differently than those from other settings. First and foremost, gnomes tend to be engineers. They build things. They fix things. They are known to talk on and on about things like sprockets and dallywingles that transport the steam pressure through the cog-pipe hose in the latest contraption that he's invented.

Gnomes dedication to building and engineering comes from an inherrently strong sense of curiousity that all of them seem to share. They believe that they were given this gift from their Immortal patron named Garal Glittergold, who they believe was responsible for creating the gnomish race.

Gnomes share a strong kinship with their 'rock-brothers' the dwarves and hold strong beliefs in the Immortal patron of the Dwarves, Kagyar, as well as their own.

Mystaran Gnomes are further divided into at least two subraces, the Earth gnome and the Sky gnome. Mystaran Gnomes are assumed to be Earth Gnomes unless there are clear indications to the contrary.

Naming your character

Gnomish names share a great deal in common with Dwarven names:

First names for gnomes are most commonly 2 syllables. Some examples are Balar, Doric, Kurto, and Torlum.

Secondary names are added to the gnome's true name. Unlike Dwarves, whose names tend to refer to excellence in battle, Gnome's names reflect their less warlike nature. Some examples of gnomish epithets would be Hilltopper, Cavedigger, Rockshaper and Spokewelder.

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