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Class: Expert/Rogue

Gnome experts are able, through the use of Fantasy Physics (a skill available almost exclusively to gnomes), to craft wondrous items. Gnomes are known throughout Mystara for their abilities to engineer items from the basic to the impossibly advanced, all without having any spellcasting ability. They are also known for the tendency of some of their wondrous inventions to go horribly awry.

At lower levels, gnomes tend to create items that are simple in scope and are often used to accomplish everyday tasks, but with more efficiency and flair. Gnomish communities are often overrun with gadgets designed to do everything from shining shoes, to taking out the trash to cooking pet food. At more advanced skill levels, gnomes are able to design amazing things such as the air ships and gigantic, steam-driven mechanoids. On major projects, gnomes of various skill levels will often work together under a master engineer who oversees the process.

While gnomes do not generally adopt the practices of the thief, some gnomes are drawn to the path of the rogue. These gnomes still possess their inherent skill for engineering, and they apply this skill to aid in their pursuits as a rogue. They will design gadgets and gizmos to enhance their rogue abilities and can make customized tools and machines to help them in their endeavors.

Gnomish rogues share much in common the rest of the gnome community, but they are much more independent. They wish to achieve fame and notoriety on their own and are willing to work outside of the normal practices of gnome society.

When playing a gnome expert, consult your DM for specific race, class, skill and feat ability rules.

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