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Race: Mixed Thyatian and Traladaran

In the last thirty years, there have been born many children of mixed heritage. Most of them are children of Thyatian men who immigrated to the Duchy, fought in the Duke's army, then retired to wed local women. Very few are children of Thyatian women and Traladaran men.

How your character feels about Thyatians and Traladarans depends largely upon how he or she was raised, but in general, half-breeds favor neither culture and get along well with people of both backgrounds.

As a young adventurer, it is possible that your family participated in the traditional Traladaran practice of the Shearing ceremony. Many Thyatians have adopted the practice as a way of separating the worthwhile from the parasitic in their families. When a youth approaches adulthood, the bottom of his cloak is 'sheared' off leaving the appearance of an impoverished traveller and is sent off into the world to live apart from his clan. He must then demonstrate that he is worthy of the clan by prospering on his own, and then he is invited back into the family with much celebration.

Naming your character

When it comes to names, children are often given traditional Thyatian names, which are of a classic Roman flavor., such as(male) Alexander, Claudius, and Anastasius or (female) Alexandra, Claudia and Anastasia. However, modern Thyatian parents have been known to be creative in naming their children, either inventing the name or picking the name from another culture. It is possible that they may take on a Traladaran name as well, which have a strong European and Central European flavor., such as(male) Boris, Dmitri, Fyodor, Grygory, Ivan, Sergei or (female) Anya, Darya, Katrina or Irena.

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