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Class: Fighter

Fighters are plentiful in the Grand Duchy and have plenty of opportunities for adventure in Karameikos. Traladarans need fighters to keep the small towns and homesteads of the Traladaran safe from invading goblins, orcs and other uncivilized creatures of the forest. On the Thyatian side, fighters are a much admired and respected class, and this holds true for the Thyatian immigrants on Karameikos.

Karameikos has a strong, growing military, composed of about 2,000 soldiers and seamen. In times of war, the size of the army quickly increases up to 10,000 strong. There are many opportunities for skilled fighters in the divisions that make up the Duchy's army.

For fighters who choose a to follow an unlawful path, there are many opportunities in the Duchy. For example, there is the Veiled Society, an organization that is perfectly suited to enforcer, thug and hitman-types with a grim outlook on life. Its main center of activity is that of Specularum. Additionally, there is the Iron Ring, a secret organization that engages in slave trading in Karameikos. Suited only to the most cruel and evil, its members include those of all classes, whether mage, thief, fighter or evil cleric. The Ring operates throughout Karameikos, and only a select few know the identity of its master(s).

Fighters choosing to follow the path of the ranger will find ample room to hone their skills in the plentiful, dangerous forests of Karameikos.

Fighters choosing to follow the path of the paladin in Karameikos petition for membership to the elite religious order known as the Order of the Griffon, a prestigious society of religious warriors. There are no known paladins of Traladaran religious orders.

Barbarians are not commonly found among the natives of Karameikos, as neither the Traladaran nor Thyatian population promote the barbarian way of life. To play a barbarian, either consult your DM or go back and select a new place of origin.

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