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Race: Traladaran

Your character is a native Traladaran, as is the majority of the population of Karameikos. Traladarans tend to be poorer than Thyatians and populate nearly all of Karameikos' farmland. It is possible that your character was raised on a homestead or a small village. It may also be that your character resides in the more populated towns of Kelvin or Threshold, or even the bustling trade city of Specularum. Or your character may be one of the oppressed Traladarans unfortunate enough to live in the town of Luln under the tyranical rule of Baron Ludwig von Hendriks.

In general, Traladarans are a superstitious people, and are great believers in good luck charms, omens, curses and displays 'psychic' ability, whether actually based upon real magic or not. Outside the larger towns, education is not widely-spread. Traladarans also place great faith in the Immortals, Halav, Petra and Zirchev, their heroes from the great war against the beast-men.

For the most part, Traladarans don't care much for Thyatians. They see them as the latest wave of bad luck which keeps them from re-achieving their Golden Age. For some, the ill will runs very deeply, based upon mistreatment by the original Thyatian settlers who grabbed their lands.

Many aspiring, young Traladaran adventurers have participated in the traditional Traladaran practice of the Shearing ceremony. When a youth approaches adulthood, the bottom of his cloak is 'sheared' off leaving the appearance of an impoverished traveller and is sent off into the world to live apart from his clan. He must then demonstrate that he is worthy of the clan by prospering on his own, and then he is invited back into the family with much celebration. Often, Traladaran girls with adventurous spirits also engage in the Shearing Ceremony.

Naming your character

When it comes to names, Traladarans have names with a strong European and Central European flavor., such as(male) Boris, Dmitri, Fyodor, Grygory, Ivan, Sergei or (female) Anya, Darya, Katrina or Irena.

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