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Class: Cleric

Most Traladaran clerics belong to the Church of Traladara and subscribe to the following beliefs:

1) That the acts of assault, abuse, murder, theft and lying are sins, brought on by weakness or the intrusion of bad-will from evil or animal spirits

2) That the sins described above should be punished, physically, through imprisonment, and the withholding of rights (even death, in the extreme cases where sinners endanger others)

3) That the role of the individual in the afterlife will be determined by the individual's state of wisdom, strength of character, and good-will at the time of death.

4) That the relationship of man to woman is a personal matter, not involving the philosophies of the Church.

5) That common magic ritual such as the use of lucky charms, tea-reading, palm-readings, card-readings, and so forth are all declaration's of man's curiosity about the world and determination to preserve himself from evil, and are often rewarded by the Immortals with the gleaning of facts about the future or the nature of the world.

6) That the events of "The Song of Halav" are absolutely true, and that the Golden Age of Traladara will one day return to this land.

The Immortal Patrons of clerics belonging to the Church of Traladara are Halav, Petra and Zirchev. Halav is Lawful Good, and favors the domains of Good, War, Sun and Law. Petra is also Lawful Good and is the Patron Saint of Warriors of Faith, and favors the domains of Good, Law, Strength and Healing. Zirchev is the patron Traladaron Immortal of Forests and Rangers, is Neutral Good and favors the domains of Animal, Plant, Protection and Magic.

The role of the Traladaran cleric is to provide advice for younger people, based on their own experiences and the examples of behavior as given in "The Song of Halav". Traladaran clerics advise the young, perform marriages and officiate at other ceremonies, preach the church philosophies and promote goodwill. They also fight – to save lives or to defeat evils.

The principle enemies of Traladaran clerics are the humanoid races (orcs, goblins, gnolls, etc.) and lycanthropes, who both have a long history of making war with the Traladaran people, dating back to the time of the beast-men.

The Cult of Halav

A small minority of Traladaran clerics belong to this cult, and are known as Halavists. Much of the populace considers them to be insane. Their beliefs are as follows:

1) King Halav, dead on the field of the Final Battle Between Men and Beast-Men, was taken up by the Immortals, returned to life, healed, and placed in the deepest sleep.

2) The goal of the Immortals was to return King Halav to Traladara when it was time to restore the nation to the glory it held in its Golden Age

3) The Immortals have decided that this is that time, and that they sent the spirit of King Halav into the newborn Stefan Karameikos, that he would grow up to be the next King Halav.

The Cult is dedicated to the idea that Stefan Karameikos will make Traladara into a mighty nation once more, will are it and send its numberless legions out to conquer the world for the glory of Traladara. However, the first goal of the Cult is to persuade everyone (including Duke Stefan) of their cause, and this hasn't been easy to do. This tends to frustrate them, but they're determined.

Despite what people think of them, it's a fact that their clerics do work magic. This means they must be receiving aid and inspiration from some Immortal.

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