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Class: Fighter

Dwarves are highly suited to the fighter class, and, as such, have many among their population. Every dwarf that grows up in Rockhome recieves combat training. Even peaceful craftsmen that have never seen a battle in their life find enjoyment in holding an axe or warhammer and using it for its intended purpose. While only 2% of the total population belong to the standing military, an invading force would find that 95% of the population is armed and ready to fight.

So, while a human of the fighter class would most likely be a warrior for a living, dwarven fighters may primarily function as blacksmiths, engineers, miners, brickmasons and more. Adventuring dwarves that leave Rockhome may do so for any number of reasons. Some are curious about the outside world, others yearn to establish new dwarf colonies, and others may simply seek glory.

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