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Class: Rogue

Please note: Rogues are very rare among the Dwarves, so a player should first consult his/her dungeon master before playing one

A dwarven rogue in Rockhome is most likely a member of the Wyrwarf clan. Most of the families in the Wyrwarf clan are farmers, some are descendants of criminals or are outcasts from their own clan. In no other clan could a dwarf obtain the training necessary to become proficient in the skills of the rogue. Punishment for stealing and deception in Rockhome is harsh, and can range from beating to exile from Rockhome to disinheritance to spending several years as a convict-farmer in the penal colony of Kurdal, the ultimate humiliation for a dwarf.

Congratulations, you have now successfully created a Mystaran character!
For further development of this character, consult your Dungeon Master.