Mystaran Character Builder

for Brun (Known World) Characters
in the Year of AC 1000 (the time of the Gazeteers)

The Mystaran Character Generator is a tool for educating players who are unfamiliar with the Mystara setting and help them create characters that fit well into the setting. For information on the Mystara setting, visit the Official Mystara website which provides an overview of Mystara and its history.

This generator ignores specific rules, and instead focuses on creating interesting backgrounds for uniquely Mystaran characters, that can suit a variety of players' needs. It also provides a quick way of becoming familiar with the setting.

Mystara is a vast setting, with a very detailed history. This character generator is suitable only for creating characters from the continent of Brun, and specifically what used to be referred to as The Known World in the OD&D Boxed Sets. The generator is based largely on information found in the "gazeteer" series of books published by TSR, which are set in the year of AC 1000, which is generally viewed as an ideal starting point for an introductory campaign in Mystara. AC, stands for "after crowning", referring to the day the first Emperor of Thyatis was crowned.

Upon completing a character using this generator, a player should have enough character information to begin playing in Mystara. The player will know their character's point of origin, race (including details on racial attitudes and history), class, background and name (which can be generated from Mystara-specific indications).

This generator is meant to serve as an aid to players and is not meant to be the final say in the creation of any character. As always, it is the player's responsibility and priviledge to create a characters that he cares about and enjoy playing with. So, click on the link below, and bring a new character to life!

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