Step 1: Place of Origin

Listed below are various nations of Brun (referred to in the OD&D Boxed Sets as the Known World). To view a map of Brun, visit this site. Read the description of each and choose your character's nation of origin. Keep in mind that the nation of origin does not have to be where the character begins his adventures, unless stated otherwise by the dungeon master.. All of the nations below host a wide variety of travellers of various races and classes.

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Choose a nation of a origin by clicking on its name:

The Grand Duchy of Karameikos - Ruled by Stefan Karameikos III, this growing, and mostly uncivilized nation used to be known as Traladara. It is a land with a storied history and legends. Mostly composed of forest and hilly regions, it is a land land full of opportunity for those seeking to begin on a path to adventure. A highly politicized nation, Karameikos is composed mainly of 2 warring human races, the native Traladarans and those of Thyatian decent. Other residents of the duchy include elves, dwarves, humans of mixed decent, halflings, savage demihumans and traders who have settled their from all over the Known World.

The Republic of Darokin - In Darokin, wealth is power. Despite being surrounded by stronger, more barbarous nations, Darokin has survived by cleverness, negotiation and guile to become the undisputed masters of overland commerce and diplomacy. Being the wealthiest nation in Brun, much of Darokin is populated by merchants, and it boasts one of the strongest armies ever known to the continent; The Legions of Darokin.

Alfheim - The homeland of the elves is renowned for its mysterious forests filled with magic. Alfheim is centered in the forest of Canolbarth, surrounded on all sides by the Republic of Darokin – a former bitter enemy, and now fast friend.

Rockhome - The ancestral homeland of the dwarves, Rockhome is all the name implies. A landlocked mountain region, riddled with caves and extensive cavern networks, the preferred home of the dwarves. With only 3 roads entering Rockhome, it is easily defensible and largely impenetrable to outsiders, thus making it a mystery to much of the rest of the world.

Five Shires - Homeland of the Hin (halflings), the Five Shires are dotted with pleasant hills, green fields, and large stands of woods. Each shire is governed by a council of clanleaders with their elected representative, a sheriff. Most Hin are simple farmers, brewers and shopkeepers leading a life of merriment and happiness, and many never leave their town of birth. However, upon the arrival of adolescence, many Hin experience the Yallara, an urge for excitement and adventure that may lead them to travel the world.

Principalities of Glantri - A large nation composed of ten principalities ruled by a council of wizards. Glantri is a nation run by wizards, for wizards. At the hub of power stands the Great School of Magic, where most Glantrian mages and countless number of foreign spellcasters come in a pilgrimage to learn the hidden secrets of magic.

The Empire of Thyatis - A proud and strong empire, it could be compared to the RW Roman Empire near the height of its glory. More than anything else, Citizens of the Empire admire fighting ability. Warfare dominates their arts and entertainments. Thyatians pride themselves on their discipline and efficiency. Also, among all of the civilized nations in Mystara, they are the quickest to embrace new cultures and races, mingling exotic cultures, fashions and customs with their own. Thyatis is in constant conflict with their rival neighboring Empire of Alphatia.

Northern Reaches - A nation modeled after RW Viking and Norse mythology, the Northern Reaches are divided into 3 nations, with Vestland struggling to be a modern nation (attempting to usher in a new age of commerce and civilized trade), Ostland clinging to tradition (outsiders often refer to the populac as barbaric and savage), and the Soderjford Jarldoms transitioning between the barbaric ways of the past to a more modern culture. Though the 3 nations vary in many ways, Northerners all tend to be bound by a warrior's code, a tradition that has held for as long as any can remember.

Emirates of Ylaruam - A confederation of six emirates, renowned for its superb military divisions and its fierce and noble warriors of desert nomadic heritage. Somewhat isolated from the rest of the world, and perhaps often ignorant of its ways, the Ylari enjoy a high standard of living, and can honorably claim to have some of the finest warriors and sorcerors in all of the world among their ranks. Much of the population is honorable and very religious, worshipping their patron immortal Al-Kalim and following the Way of Eternal Truth, the path of spiritual enlightenment.