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Step 3: Choosing a Class

Thyatians are well-known throughout the Known World as a nation of skilled, powerful warriors. However, though the warrior class is the most common, all character classes are represented in the Thyatian population.

To play multi-classed characters, click on the link below for the first class, and, after reading all the necessary information on the character, click the 'back' button on your browser to return to this page to get information on additional classes. Choose from the following options:





Class names have been simplified to accommodate various versions of D&D rules. The general class name "fighter" refers to all related classes of fighters (i.e. ranger. barbarian, etc.) "Magic-users" refers to all arcane spellcasters (wizards, sorcerors, etc.) "Cleric" refers to all classes that emphasize divine spellcasting (priests, druids, monks, etc.) "Rogue" refers to thieves/rogues and other related classes (assassin, bard, etc.)

When appropriate for a particular area of Mystara, more specific classes (i.e. paladin, merchant, druid, etc.) may be listed with further details available for classes in that nation of origin. For example, barbarians are a common class born to the Northern Reaches, and, therefore, details on barbarians in Northern Reaches are provided.

If a particular character class for the region is not listed, it is probable that the class is uncommon for that region, or that the background necessary for playing such a class is beyond the scope of this character generator. Consult you dungeon master for further information on playing the desired class.